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Welcome to my blog 

 Hi! My name is Gillian McAinsh, 

and I’m a writer and editor living 

on the  south-east coast of Africa. 

This is my blog.


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Feb 29, 2024

Stop the press! Weekend Post closes on  February 24, 2023.  I was the chief sub-editor in the early 1990s, and have vivid recollections of my days in the subs room.

Today I celebrate the first  anniversary of the release of The Carbon Almanac, a book on climate change that has broken records, won an award and shown the power of positive collective action. The Carbon Almanac is a collaborative educational experience with 300 voices from more than 40 countries contributing – and I am so thrilled to have been one of these voices!

It’s wet, wet, wet here in Nelson Mandela Bay. Beautiful rain is falling even as I write this post. So far, we have had 44mm of rainfall in the past 24 hours – and that is amazing.ou live in a country where you complain about the rain then you may not understand just what joy the sound of raindrops can bring.